Lighting for Manèges and Sand Schools


Q How many lights would I need for my manege?
A If you click on to layouts you will see what we recommend for the size of your manege. If you have a different layout do give us a ring and we’ll be able to help you.

Q Are the lights easy to dismount and put up?
A Extremely. As in everything practice makes perfect, but they are very light, and takes about thirty seconds each.

Q Can I remove them in the summer months?
A Yes, easily, to store in a barn etc.

Q Is there any maintenance involved?
A No

Q What is the delivery time from placing an order?
A Three to four weeks

Q What do I need to tell my electrician if he is bringing power to the sand school ready for your lights?
A Each unit uses 0.8 kw.

Q How high are the units when in use?
A Approximately 14/15 ft.

Q What areas do you cover?
A All over the UK